The European Union – towards a new economic order post COVID-19, with Cecilia Malmström

The European Union – towards a new economic order post COVID-19, with Cecilia Malmström

HHGA together with The School of Business, Economics and Law at the University of Gothenburg have the great pleasure of hosting a webinar with Cecilia Malmström, Sweden’s former EU Commissioner and holder of the School’s Assar Gabrielsson Visiting Professorship in 2020.

For the EU, as well as for the rest of the world, 2020 has so far been a very challenging year. Even before COVID-19 the EU was faced with issues such as Brexit, the problematic trade relations between China and the USA, weakened international organizations, growing protectionism and declining democracy in some member states. The COVID-19 crisis has further enhanced these challenges. During her years in European politics, Cecilia has gained a vast amount of experience and knowledge. In this lecture she will share her view on how the EU can work its way out of the crisis and strengthen its voice on the world stage.


  • Welcome by Professor Per Cramér, Dean of the School and Kristina Sandström, operational manager at HHGA
  • Lecture by Cecilia Malmström
  • Per and Cecilia will discuss the topics covered and there will be an opportunity for the audience to pose questions via the webinar chat function


DATE & TIME: Thursday, September 24, at 17:00-18:15

PLACE: The event will be held as a webinar (live streaming – will not be recorded) Registered attendees will receive a webinar link by email the day before the event

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Cecilia Malmström grew up in Gothenburg. She holds a PhD in political science from the University of Gothenburg and for several years she taught in European politics, regionalism and terrorism. She has a long experience of cooperation within the EU, as a Member of the European Parliament in 1999-2006, and as European Commissioner between 2010 and 2019. During the years 2006-2010 she served as Minister for EU Affairs in the Swedish government. In 2019, Cecilia Malmström was appointed International Swede of the Year. This year she is part of Omstartskommissionen, an initiative by the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce, for a stronger Sweden post Corona.